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We started with a Mission

A mission to foster new standards of excellence throughout the Visitor Economy Sector in the UK. Where innovative, world class experiences are consistently delivered by a highly skilled and engaged workforce and where shareholder value is consistently delivered through operational excellence.

Our vision is to provide such robust and superior consultancy support that the businesses we serve will continue to benefit from cultures of continual improvement after we have gone and will not require future interventions either from us or any other consulting organisation. Our commitment to the organisations will extend to the communities they serve with free success strategy workshops being delivered to those most in need within the neighbourhood.

Our why stems from the belief that we are all capable of success and have the ability to achieve whatever we want in life. What separates those who achieve success from those that don’t is the knowledge, tools, resources and environment that are available to them. After many years studying successful organisations and individuals Gill has discovered that no matter their background, gender or culture, they all share similar approaches and adopt similar techniques. And what’s more, these are all teachable and can be adopted and enjoyed by anyone. Having seen and experienced this first hand, Gill is determined to share these secrets with as many people as possible to level up the playing field.

Led By An Experienced Team

Our team is led by our founder Gill Harvey, a highly skilled senior management consultant with 30 years leadership and management experience within the Visitor Economy Sector working with restaurants, hotels, airlines, holiday parks and the B2B and B2C MICE sector. Her work included supporting brands such as IBM, BT, Vodafone, Virgin Media, Peugeot and Lloyds Banking Group.

Following increased demand for her business expertise, Gill set up Blue Phoenix Enterprises in 2013 with the purpose of making business excellence accessible to all organisations regardless of their size or resource. Gill brings the knowledge and expertise found within large organisations, applying and translating these in a personal and practical way to deliver pragmatic solutions that create tangible results for SME’s in the Visitor Economy Sector and has a proven track record working with SME’s across a diverse range of organisations.

Gill’s passion and focus is on the mechanics of the organisation. She has extensive experience in human resource and operational planning and this experience is backed with a first-class MBA; IRCA lead auditor accreditation and a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming qualification.  Specialising in getting the best out of people and streamlining processes she has helped many organisations at different stages of their lifecycles from start-ups, through mergers and acquisitions to turnarounds. Organisations that have worked with Gill have all been able to dramatically improve their culture and service, reduce operational costs, and grow through increased quality, sales and profitability thus maximising efficiency and shareholder returns whilst also impacting positively on the environment.

In addition to her consultancy work, Gill has most recently enjoyed 4 years lecturing in event management, strategic marketing and consulting at the University of Lincoln; is a mentor to event professionals and has developed and manages a digital programme to support Visitor Economy professionals who are currently affected with redundancy due to COVID-19.


Gill Harvey Business Consultant in Lincolnshire

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