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"£100k was added to their bottom line..."

An organisation with over 1,600 employees and a revenue figure stretching into £10m+, we designed, implemented and oversaw the ‘change process’ associated with improving the efficiency of our clients business expenses; in particular, their business travel policy.

Working across all departments, we were able to standardise the systems and processes associated with the business travel and the return on investment they were generating.

By simplifying the policy and educating the companies employees on how to use our solutions, our client was able to benefit from a year-one saving over over 17% of their travel costs rising sequentially thereafter, savings on internal cost processing costs, in addition to improved duty of care toward staff.


"Generated £2m of new client business and operational savings of £445kp/a"

Having conducted an initial ‘Business MOT’ with this client, we discovered that their business pipeline was stagnant, debtors were out of control and the long-term sustainability of the business was under threat.

Using a four-phase change initiative to address each problem in a logical way that ensured positive cashflow was at the forefront of each phase, we re-structured key elements of the business, created a payment plan for all aged creditors, implemented a new business development strategy and streamlined the systems and processes used across the entire breadth of the company.

Following our intervention and consultancy, our client benefited from new client introductions worth £2m, a direct saving of £445,000/ annum and a solid business model that attracted 2 credible investors.


We are known for our dedication, personal commitment and unerring drive to deliver exceptional results and we are lucky enough to have worked with a variety of organisations across a number of industry sectors. We believe in offering complete confidentiality for the services we provide and hence will never publish or discuss the full details of my clients or the work that we do. However references are available and we are delighted to have been given permission to share some top line case studies and some of the things my clients, and their staff have said about us. In addition, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn page for additional recommendations.

"Thank you for your professionalism..."

“A huge thank you for your professionalism and creativity in managing our change programme. It was delivered in a manner in which all the team felt included and we had none of the fall out that we had been led to believe might follow when asking people to adopt the changes necessary. Instead, the team have found a ‘gung ho’ attitude which has given us a new lease of life!”


Owner- Estate Agency

"You have made a big impact on our success..."

“Thank you doesn’t seem adequate to express my gratitude for all you have done. You have a
real talent for getting the best out of people and I know that you have made a big impact on our
growth and success.”


Director- Marketing Communications Agency

"Simply brilliant at simplifying our problems and focusing our efforts..."

“As a business mentor you offer: advice; act as a confidante; are brilliant at simplifying problems and making them seem manageable! Taking my ideas and helping me prioritise them; break them down and focus on the elements that will really make a difference. Key areas where I think you really shine and add value – financial planning and forecasting; culture management including the whole HR piece – identifying roles; preparing job specs; the whole end to end recruitment process; process development; implementation; training and management. The list goes on…

You’re there as a sounding board; a voice of calm/ reason; are notafraid to challenge or push back
when necessary (always in a nice way I hasten to add!); you care; I know where I stand; you’re honest, kind, loyal and trustworthy.”


Managing Director- Communications & Events Agency

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