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Generated £2m+ of Client Business (Read More)

Suffering from a lack of pipeline following the departure of some key staff members, a strategy was proposed and goals were redesigned to create a strong focus on new business activities with devolved responsibilities throughout the organisation, which generated new business opportunities worth in excess of £2m over a 3 month period and the inclusion on 2 new Blue Chip client’s rosters.

Increased Team Productivity by 15% (Read More)

Client X (anonymous) was struggling to attract and retain the right talent for their organisation. As a result, standards were slipping and the management team were spending 90% of their time micro-managing staff. A skills matrix was developed to highlight deficiencies and an HR strategy developed to support the organisation with interim and permanent hiring and revamping the appraisal system. Upskilling throughout the organisation (including leadership skills; project management training and Interview techniques) followed over an 8 week period which led to a reported increase in productivity of 15% across the board, improved customer satisfaction levels and the successful recruitment of two sought after industry event managers.

Fast Track to Excellence (Read More)

A small boutique agency was looking to expand, bringing in a junior to support the team. Having coached the business head in the merits of recruiting to fill skill gaps a candidate was selected with no prior industry experience or knowledge but who had the creative edge the agency was missing. This was a gamble as there was little capacity within the agency to bring the candidate up to speed quickly. An in-depth training module was developed – which consisted of a series of short 1 hour modules. These were delivered remotely by Skype at 2 weekly intervals with exposure to relevant live project cases testing this knowledge in-between. Within 6 months the candidate was perceived by clients, suppliers and colleagues to be of a standard as someone with solid industry experience and was able to operate her job role with confidence.

Aligning & Engaging Remote Teams to Drive Productivity (Read More)

A leading firm in the Utilities sector had recently invested heaving in new technology which required a change in operating practices. Although the merits and benefits to the teams and the organisation were tangible, engagement issues surfaced from the regional teams that threatened to derail the project. Following a series of 1-2-1 interviews with the operational teams, which uncovered a series of issues common to remote teams, a communications programme was devised and implemented with resulting feedback showing a 96% engagement score and unity in driving the project forward.

Developing Purpose to Enhance Productivity & Increase Sales (Read More)

A disengaged team of estate agents were struggling to attract new vendors. By designing a sense of purpose to their role and creating a human connection through the chain of actions, new listings went up by 60% in a 4 week period and have continued to grow since.

Implementing a Business Travel Policy to Reduce Costs by 20% (Read More)

A multi-million pound organisation was looking to formalise and centralise how their business travel was organised to both save money and provide enhanced levels of safety for their staff travelling on business. A robust but user-friendly policy was drafted; communications and training programme initiated and supply agreements negotiated to result in savings of more than £100k in the first 12 months.

“As a business mentor you offer: advice; act as a confidante; are brilliant at simplifying problems and making them seem manageable!

Taking my ideas and helping me prioritise them; break them down and focus on the elements that will really make a difference. Key areas where you really shine and add value include financial planning and forecasting; culture management including the whole HR piece – identifying roles; preparing job specs; the whole end to end recruitment process; process development; implementation; training and management. The list goes on…

The fact that you’re there as a sounding board; a voice of calm/ reason; are not afraid to challenge or push back when necessary (always in a nice way I hasten to add!); you care; I know where I stand; you’re honest, kind, loyal and trustworthy. I feel immensely proud of what we’ve both achieved over the past 3 years and I can honestly say I don’t think I could have done it without you.”

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlotte-cresswell-34bb9310/

Charlotte Cresswell

Managing Director, CC Communications & Events

I’ve known Gill Harvey for nigh on 20 years, in various guises and under several different brands. Every company needs a Gill Harvey. She has a great brain, thinks strategically, distils detail and knows how to get the best out of a business, people and processes. She tells you as it is, is not averse to expressing an opinion when invited or challenging you to refine your own when its needed. “Thank you Gill” is never enough, but it’s always more than well deserved.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randlestonier/

Randle Stonier

CEO & Entrepreneur, PolkaDot Bikini

I have worked with Gill on a couple of management related projects during the last few years and on both occasions she has been the consummate professional, delivering over and above expectations. She has a real skill in not only being able to – often very quickly – hone in on the crux of the issue(s) at hand by cutting through the noise but also in identifying and structuring tailored solutions that are effective and non-disruptive to the business day to day.

It’s great for an existing team to have someone like Gill to help them reassess and see past what the team think is their focus. What I love about working with Gill, and what I believe is the key to her success, is her understanding of people and how to focus, coach and motivate individuals so that the change can come from within and hence has a more lasting effect.

I absolutely recommend having a chat with Gill to see how she can help you!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cassander-van-eerd-4b71274/

Cassander Van Eerd

Director, CloGwork Orange Productions

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