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Each package is designed to solve one problem; giving your business a clear route to success

PRofessional Development

“Equipping you and your employees with an effective approach to improve skillsets, generate closer relationships and yield greater productivity”

Nurturing talent within a business is always the first step in creating a sustainable business model. That’s why we have developed a series of ‘essential skills’ that enable you and your employees to generate their best work possible.

Following an initial discovery call, we will produce a bespoke ‘Talent Development MOT’ document that scores you across a series of recognised metrics that identify current skills, where opportunities for improvements lie and recommendations on how to implement changes seamlessly and cost effectively. 

Then, using both in-person and digital training methods, we aim to plug the skills gaps and design and implement a successful strategy that will propel your team towards a culture of innovation that will support, and indeeed drive, your growth plans for the future. These then work together to ensure you and your employees are in the best position possible to delight your customers and out-perform your competitors.

 Where aspects of this have been implemented across previous client businesses, they have benefited from:

  • Increased productivity of 15%
  • An uplift in staff engagement (as measured through surveys) by 40%
  • Client satisfaction scores increased across the board (even where clients were already satisfied)

Personal Coaching

“Providing your business with a proven, step-by-step strategy to allow you to identify and remove your biggest business barriers.”

Whilst many business challenges are perceived as being ‘unique’ to that business, our experience of working in client businesses has taught us that there are usually only a few core problems that are stopping a business achieving its potential.

That’s why we’ve gone back through our past client projects, picked out the universal problems and created a bank of resources that allow businesses to self-identify issues, design and develop effective solutions and implement these in a cost-effective and timely manner; avoiding the need for external consultants. 

We combine these tools and resources with ‘one-on-one’ accountability calls where clients are able to ask questions and solve problems immediately, with the idea that each client has a series of steps that either themselves or their team are able to carry out, thus maximising their productivity and solving the core problem that inhibits growth. 

Bespoke Consulting

“Using our specialist knowledge of operational situations to transform the outlook of your business”

Whilst our tailored coaching service offers the perfect solution for the most commonly faced business issues that inhibit growth, sometimes an outside perspective is required to conduct an in-depth analysis and produce bespoke solutions to problems that companies are facing. This is especially true for SME businesses where ‘echo chamber’ syndrome is common – especially where resources are more limited and we are left trying to resolve problems that we have inadvertantly and unknowingly created ourselves. 

Our bespoke consulting options are a perfect fit if you are facing any of the following problems:

  • Groundhog day – where you hear yourself continually complaining about the same issues over and over. They may just be small niggles but when they are not being solved, it is the sign of a larger problem that will be holding you and your business back.
  • Battling for a share of the market – which often means that you are trying to compete for business that doesnt naturally fit with your strengths or allow you to deliver to your USP. Unblocking this will unblock profits, pure and simple.
  • Attracting and retaining the right talent – an especially challenging factor for many businesses, especially with the rise of the gig economy. But, with the right strategy and an authentic approach you can have staff queuing at your door for the next opportunity.

If any of the above problems resonate with your business and you would be interested in finding out how we can help implement bespoke solutions that truly transform your business’ outlook, we would be happy to hold a FREE 30-minute discovery call with you to produce a ‘Business MOT’ document that details our approach to solving those problems.

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