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We work with SME’s and their teams to catapult their productivity and create an environment of wall to wall leaders.

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“Our clients typically save between 10-15% of their annual bottom-line operating costs”

As founding Director, Gill and her team specialise in engineering peak performance, by empowering and enabling individuals and organisations in the events sector to maximise their potential.

Finding the right people and then enlisting them to do what you need them to do so that you can achieve your goals, effectively, efficiently is one of the holy grails of business! And your growth and profitability is dependent on you getting this right.

That’s why, here at Blue Phoenix Enterprises, we combine our extensive ‘on the ground’ experience with our academic insights, to  quickly diagnose issues that inhibit growth and develop solutions that improve operational effectiveness through productivity measures, talent development and strategic business support. 

Work With Blue Phoenix

Personal Development

With the knowledge and results we have acquired through one-on-one client work, we have put together a collection of tools and resources that allow you to develop both you and your team’s business and leadership skills.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Building from the foundation of our personal development tools, our individual coaching and mentoring packages provide you with access to key tools and diagnosis models that enable you to implement change quickly, with remote support.

Company Consulting

Creating bespoke solutions that enable your business to outperform your competitors is our specialism. We work across every aspect of the business to identify new opportunities, remove growth inhibitors and maximise profits.

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(and how to utilise it to increase profitability!)



“Effective and tailored solutions, that maximise team productivity, without disrputing day-to-day business operations… Thanks for your help Gill!|

Project Director: Event Production Company

“Every company needs a Gill Harvey. She has a great brain, thinks strategically, distils detail and knows how to get the best out of a business, people and processes…”

Managing Director: Marketing Consultancy Company

“Gill simplifies problems and makes them manageable! Taking and prioritising my ideas; breaking them down and focusing on elements that really make a difference.”

Director: Event Production Agency

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