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We offer three clear tiers of support; designed to give clarity over the steps to success.

Done With You Programmes

Perfect for organisations with a small leadership team who are actively involved in steering the company to achieve its goals.

The programmes are delivered over a number of weeks through live on-line training sessions for you and your leadership team complete with 1-2-1 support during implementation and weekly feedback sessions.

All sessions are recorded and workbooks and templates available for you to use year in/year out.

  • 4 week high level ‘business reset and rebuild for the post pandemic era’ programme (3 hours training per week – max 6 people)
  • 4 week high level ‘managing culture and performance in remote teams’ programme (3 hours training per week – max 6 people)
  • 6 week ‘removing barriers to success’ programme (3 hours training per week – max 40 people)


    Business Consultancy

    Whilst we would always recommend involving and training members of your team to assess and diagnose challenges and opportunities, sometimes an outside perspective is required to conduct an in-depth analysis and produce bespoke solutions to problems that companies are facing.

    This is especially true for SME businesses where ‘echo chamber’ syndrome is common – especially where resources are more limited and we are left trying to resolve problems that we have inadvertently and unknowingly created ourselves. 

    Our bespoke consulting options are a perfect fit if you are facing any of the following problems:

    • Groundhog day – where you hear yourself continually complaining about the same issues over and over. They may just be small niggles but when they are not being solved, it is the sign of a larger problem that will be holding you and your business back.
    • Battling for a share of the market – which often means that you are trying to compete for business that doesnt naturally fit with your strengths or allow you to deliver to your USP. Unblocking this will unblock profits, pure and simple.
    • Attracting and retaining the right talent – an especially challenging factor for many businesses, especially with the rise of the gig economy. But, with the right strategy and an authentic approach you can have staff queuing at your door for the next opportunity.

    Coaching & Mentoring

    On-going professional support through coaching and mentoring programmes. Beneficial for all levels of the team – including, and especially at CEO level, we have 3 different solutions for your busy team including

    Coaching for CEO’s this is primarily a safe and structured space during which a CEO can explore ideas and gain clarity on direction. For team members, coaching is a great tool to help people develop their skills and improve their performance through self-reflection, identification and accountability

    Mentoring and Mentoring Training is very effective for those who are looking to progress in the organisation/their careers, mentoring offers your team the benefit of others experiences and knowledge to help keep them on the right path. Depending on the size and set up of your organisation we recommend you offer internal mentors for your team and we provide training for this. For smaller organisations, we offer mentoring services.

    360 ˚ Professional Development Programme designed to address all the key skills required for leaders of the future. Through a structured 12 week on-line/off-line programme that covers awareness and empathy; accountability; communication; rapport; productivity; adding value; goal achievement your team will emerge as a powerhouse of proactivity that has produced tremendous results for previous clients including; over 15% uplift in productivity; staff engagement uplift of more than 40%; uplift in client satisfaction by 37% and most importantly increased profitability of, on average, 18%.

    Could Your Business Benefit?

    To finally start creating the business you have always dreamed of, there's two options from this point forward.

    Take The FREE Business Health Scorecard

    We put together our FREE 'Business Health Scorecard' to allow business owners like yourself to benchmark yourself agains the three pillars of a successful business. It only takes 10 minutes, but you will get a personalised score and a PDF which offers advice on how to improve your score and business as a result.

    Claim Your FREE Roadmap Session

    Claim your FREE strategy session and let's talk about your goals, where you are now and what is stopping your business from achieving greatness. And then let's put a plan in place to achieve it. If you're right to work with us off the back of this, we might offer you a place as a client. No obligation to work with us however.

    Access FREE Bite-Sized Transformational Training

    Developed to address the 6 main issues businesses are facing right now, these bite-sized transformational pieces of training give you simple and effective ways to diversify your business, manage remote and blended teams, gain competitive advantage, maximise profitability and ensure growth in a post pandemic era.

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